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Monday, June 25, 2018

The saga of Dwain the Dragonfly--"Gossamer" life

Meet Dwain, the dragonfly. He may be on his last legs, but is still alive as his wings occasionally flutter.

Susan saw one of the neighborhood cats pawing at him in the grass in your yard. I went out and the cat left, so I found a small branch, put it under him till he grabbed it. Then I lifted him up near the top of our azalea out of cat way.
Thirty minutes later, he hadn't moved but his tail was up, and the wings still.
Thirty minutes later, the sun came out and his wings were fluttering. I moved him into the sunlight, and thirty minutes later chased off the cat again. With more rain coming and the sun behind another cloud, I moved Dwain into the interior of the bush for protection.
He's probably in critical condition, or shock. Clark the dragonfly whisperer.
"Gossamer " life. I went out this morning, expecting Dwain to not have survived the night, but Dwain the dragonfly lives!
After last night's rain and wind left him upside down on the branch, inside the azalea, wet and motionless. I figured I'd just prolonged his suffering after being pounced on by the cat yesterday.
But I pulled the branch out and put him in the sun. Water glistened off of him.
His wings started fluttering. I thought it was the wind, but cupped my hands around him and they still moved.
So I took a photo up close, and watched. I was getting ready to take a video of the wings--you can see through them, but they weren't torn--so delicate and transparent.
Now I know what the word "gossamer"  really is, how appropriate.
Then before I could, the sun dried him out even more, and guess what?
He flew off, gossamer wings into the blue sky!
Dwain and Clark, 1. Cat, 0.
P.S. I looked it up...dragon flies live only about seven months. Are you enjoying today?

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