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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Painting months, part 1

Next month is World Watercolor Month with the challenge for one a day. Accepted.
But May and June have been a blur of obligations, schedules with painting squeezed in, some completed at In Your Eye Gallery in Paseo. Most have been posted on Instagram, instead of this blog.
 Time for an update, more for the record than repetition.
Most recent were yesterday's 8 by 10s, representational and abstract of a turquoise doorway and adobe, "Doorway to/for My Dreams."

I've noticed that several of my works, completed at the gallery and relatively small at 5 x 7s, have to do with mortality.
Four bison, "Sunset," Alone," "Into the Sunset," (8 x 10), "You're Getting Too Close," and two travelers and a harvest, "End of Day," "Into the Storm," "Harvest Nightmare."

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