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Friday, April 17, 2020

The magic of "bad art"

"Magic Forest," 11 x 13, rough cold press paper
What to do when you're stuck, or feeling blah?
Maybe make some "bad art," as suggested by author Austin Kleon in his weekly newsletter today.
No need for rules, or uptight expectations or a critical eye. Just play at something.
So here you have today's watercolor, "Magic Forest," about 11 x 13, on very rough cold press paper, that I had a failure on the other side.  Paint, water, a sponge, one brush and spray bottles
what is bad art--too uptight, time to play. Something different.
A year ago I blogged about Kleon and his latest book, Keep Going. Here's that link: When Books Choose You
But you really ought to subscribe (free) to his weekly newsletter with more than 70,000 readers, where he emails a list of 10 things worth sharing...new art, writing and interesting links. It's an easy scan and it'll jog you out of a rut, especially in this pandemic prison we're in.  
I get ideas from it... Short things to read and think about, like making "bad art," which was magic to get me started.
Here's the link: Kleon newsletter and his webpage is https://austinkleon.com. 

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