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Monday, April 6, 2020

Where's your cabin?

"Evening Walk," 6 x 6, 140 lb cold press paper
Today was a I-need-a-cabin kind of day for me, as we face more pandemic pandemonium on the planet.
Cabins are in my psyche, as I've written about many times on this blog. type cabin in the blog search box, and you'll find lots of stories and photos.
But today was difficult in spite of the yearning to retreat to a cabin in the woods and mountains. Today's painting isn't very good, and it took several tries to find something halfway acceptable, but it fits my emotions, my angst about the future, about being quarantined that no amount of reading or game play or writing or thinking could offset.
I've been asked in the past, where's my cabin, where's your cabin, and the very thought brings memories of people and places and imaginations of pleasant possibilities.
I think of a an evening walk returning to a cozy cabin, lit by gas lanterns, warmed by a wood stove with dinner dinner sizzling  in an iron skillet, a loved one, a cat, books, and the sounds of the forest as the day end and the stars come out over the purple mountains.
So in spite of my difficulties painting today, this one brought peace.
That's where my cabin is. How about yours? 

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