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Friday, April 24, 2020

On the magic of mountain rivers

"River Magic," no-brush watercolor, 9 x 9 140 lb cold press paper
"....peace like a river..." --Isaiah 66:12
How long since you've come upon  a clear Rocky Mountain stream or river gurgling over colorful rounded rocks?
Too long, for me, but you remember  the sounds, the smells, the cool air,  as snow-fed water flows by, and human time seems to slow down. 
You are first attracted to the sound of the water, the small waterfalls,  and then the cooler air, in the forest, the greener grass, a source of life for the fluttering birds and buzzing insects. Instead of everyday life, places like that bring calmness, peace.
We need more such rivers in our lives, especially now in these days of pandemic pandemonium where we're battered by continual bad news, worries and human stupidity.
I'm reminded of the Gospel song, "When peace like a river...."
Where are the rivers of your life? 
I'm reminded of the headwaters of the Pecos River in the northern New Mexico wilderness, after a long hike in the high country. Peace indeed
They're magic, and it's no wonder rivers have been symbols of peace, of life for troubled people for so long.
Thus today's no-brush watercolor series, "River Magic."
"The the angel showed me the river of the water of life, clear as crystal..." --Rev. 22:1

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