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Friday, April 10, 2020

"Good" Friday? Written in blood

"Holy Friday," 5 X 10, cold press
"Good" Friday? Why? It marks the brutal execution of a ragged rabbi by rule-bound religious authorities, because he came preaching love and peace and compassion for all people. "Good?"
I'm not much for formal religious liturgy because it seems too institutional  for the passion of true spiritual leaders and believers of all sorts, except perhaps for Passover, and communion. But then we all have our liturgies, some religious, some habits, so no judgment here.
But I can appreciate the abiding cultures and strengths that make those liturgies so important to so many believers of various religions.
So "Good" Friday didn't seem to fit, until I read more. In Middle English, one of the archaic definitions of "good" was "holy."
That's what makes Good Friday "good," written in blood.
Thus today's watercolor, "Holy Friday."

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