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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

In the midst of plague, remember Passover

Huddled in their homes. Fearful for their lives in the midst of plague. Immigrants uncertain of their futures amid persecution.
Later that year 3,400 years ago, and every year since then, Jews have remembered that night and gathered for the Seder, the passover meal.
It holds them together, reminds them of who they are, of what they have survived. Today is Passover. 
For the world now beset by another plague, huddling in homes,  afraid to go out, uncertain of our futures, maybe we should read the passover story from the book of Exodus, chapters 11 and 12. May we fine peace. Shalom.
I wrote about it eight years ago, about the significance and details of the meal. Here's the story: 
A Night Different from All Others
There's also a terrific story in the New York Times today: 
This is What We Do

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