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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Back porch musings when the Muse takes a nap

"Pot," pencil, 4 x 4
I wondered what was wrong, sitting on the back porch after the cool front, in what old sailors would call the doldrums.
The Muse seemed to be napping today. For the first time in seven weeks, I didn't pick up a brush.
My lonesome paintings at In Your Eye Studio & Gallery in Paseo
I think I figured it out, without making excuses. Earlier today, I donated and delivered a watercolor painting to the Paseo Arts Association, planning a fundraiser for Paseo District employees who've been out of work, coordinating with a virtual First Friday From Home, program, "live" streaming from 6 to 8 pm Friday, with videos of some of us artists, and of merchants, etc. I'll get you the link.
It was the first time I'd been back to Paseo in about six weeks, and the vacant streets and closed shops and galleries was disturbing. 
Then I walked into our gallery, In Your Eye Studio and Gallery, to look at my paintings,  and the almost eerie quiet of the place. There are three vacant places on the wall, and it just looked lonesome.
I'd forgotten what my paintings looked like, and by the time I left, I realized how much I miss the atmosphere of the gallery, the interchange of ideas, the camaraderie of fellow artists, the inspiration of other art. I hope we can re-open for June First Friday, but I know everybody will consider where we are in a month, putting health first.
""Twisted Tree," pencil, 8 1/2 x 11, 
By the time I got home, I thought I was inspired to try a painting, but just kept putting it ff.
So as I sat on the back porch this evening musing about all this, I went in and got my sketch pad and pencil.
Others have written about napping muses. The advice is to go to work. To wake a napping muse, go to work.
I sat there on the porch, and did two quick sketches, the first of a vacant flower pot in our yard, and another, over the fence,  of our neighbor's twisted post oak tree with a cloud in the background. Hey, they're not great, but that's beside the point. 
Those are my musings about my efforts to wake the Muse tomorrow.

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