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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Geezer music, how come?

How does a song or movie get on a Geezer list?

Depends on the Geezer, but like anyone, I suspect, they all have to do with memories.
Some ideas on my current playlist on this blog.
  • Paul Simon, and Garfunkel for that matter, "Still Crazy" a long time favorite that reminds me of special times and people. Of course, I ought to have Sounds of Silence, Kodachrome, Scarborough Fair, and more from them.
  •  Ghost Riders in the Sky, so free, s much rhythm, from watching the clouds of the Great Plains.
  • "Jackson" by John and June Cash...how can you not love it, especially June's throaty, earthy singing, and what a couple?
  • Blues Brothers, anything, what a beat, what dancing, what acting--makes you want to dance! And of course "Rawhide!" brings back a great TV series with a  young Clint  Eastwood as Rowdy Yates, heading cattle up the Chisholm Trail.
  • Glenn Miller, "In the mood." Brings back an era of music that had just passed when I was growing up, and it's fresh in my mind now that I've just flown in a WWII B-17.
  • "Amazing Grace." Of course it fits in one of my favorite movies, Memphis Bell."And the bagpipe version in Brave Heart. I've also heard it in StarTrek, but most of all it just brings deep emotion--one of two songs sung at my Mom's funeral.
  • "Victory in Jesus." The other song at her funeral.  
  • "Satisfaction." Jagger is my age. The comparisons end there.
  • "A white sport coat." A favorite since when I had a white sport coat and dated  beautiful Betty Jean Simmons, with long honey-blonde hair.
  • "Don't Be Cruel." Young Elvis, when we were dancing away in the evenings in our neighborhood.
  • "Red River Valley." Lived there a long time. Friends cringe when I threaten to sing it, or anything else for that matter. 
  • "Shane." One of the best movies ever, just ask Woody Allen. I saw it, and the Tetons for the first time. Music to make you want to travel.
  • "Do Not Forsake Me." The masterpiece High Noon with Gary Cooper. Camera techniques and acting far ahead of its time in perhaps the best Western ever.
  • Patsy Cline. "Crazy." What a voice, what yearning romance.
  • "The Yellow Rose of Texas." "The Bonnie Blue Flag." "Dixie." Texas fight son. Aggie War  Hymn. Genetic Texas runs deep in my blood.
  • "Napalm in the Morning." Favorite quote, from a favorite movie "Apocalypse Now," based on my favorite book, "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad. My editing students know this phrase well.
  • Harry Potter theme. Great music to go with great movies that go with great books. I've read them all. Have you?
  • "Rainy Night in Georgia." A favorite dancing song for Terry and Susan.
  • "Oklahoma." Duh.

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  1. I wouldn't call yourself too much of a geezer ;) I enjoy such a wide realm of music and enjoy much of the music on your "Geezer List!" :)


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