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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Geezer music?

What is "geezer" music?

Pat Gilliland had to ask. Hmmm.

Sitting in class yesterday as we fiddled around putting music on our blogs, I kept noting I'd never heard of  a lot of the songs, much less musicians,  going up on my students' blogs. 

Then I started putting some up on my play list, and also noted the selections were causing quite a bit of humor among the students.

Of course, it might have been the combination of me trying to swing to "In the Mood," and sing "Do Not Forsake Me," or "Don't Be Cruel,"  or "Still Crazy." And after I'd mentioned I liked Heavy D and the Boys' "Black Coffee," and The Spice Girls, I think I lost any semblance of seriousness from students.

So it occurs to me, as a geezer, that any music I might like is probably geezer music. You know that's true when you consider Paul Simon and Mick Jagger and the Blues Brothers as recent. 

At least I got the theme from Harry Potter in there!

Now pardon me while I look for Martin Luther's original score for "How Firm a Foundation."


  1. I just found it interesting that you like the Spice Girls. I will openly admit to listening to them a kiddo...but I can't ever picture my parents listening to it casually. Listen what you want to listen to and forget about us.

  2. Thank You! Kel...you are a jewel

  3. This is making me think of so many things. What did your parents listen to? What do you remember hearing with them? I guess that's why the songs etched in my heart and soul are songs of faith and spirit -- sung with family at church. How Great Thou Art, O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing, Sing Them Over Again to Me ....
    (Can a gal be a geezer?)


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