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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Journalist extraordinaire!!

My autographed photo of Helen Thomas, when she visited here a few years ago.

Now she's had to resign because she dared express her opinions about the Mid-East conflicts. If she'd said to get all the Palestinians out of Palestine, she'd still have her job. But you can't criticize Israel in this country.

Helen Thomas is a living tribute to what journalism should be in America, and it tells you a lot about the sad state of journalism in this country that journalism can't tolerate a woman of such power and talent.  Protected by the First Amendment, but afraid to protect the First Amendment and live by it!  No wonder Americans don't have much use for traditional, yet spineless, journalism any more.

She's 90 years old and earned the right to say anything she wants.

Helen, you are welcome to talk to my journalism students anytime. They need you, and American journalism needs you.  Thank you!

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