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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Storm clouds

Watercolor, 6" by 9", Strathmore Imperial 300# paper

I keep studying clouds, every day, trying to figure out how to make them more three dimensional, and alive. And  from my previous posts I notice they're washed out when I scan them to the blog...so this one is more vibrant. Maybe I'll have it down in another 300 days or so. Interesting personal journey, from cabins to clouds


  1. I'm also intrigued by clouds. I've been doing my own cloud study for the last couple years. So far I've just been photographing them (thanks to a huge purse with room enough for a nifty camera.) I'm not yet to the stage of painting them, but I can see that I obviously have some fetish with them. Most everyone I know is used to me dropping everything to grab a shot of the sky. They don't even tease me anymore. I guess they finally know better than to question my motives.
    Anyway, I love seeing your artwork. Keep it up. I've been meaning to get some of mine up on my site, but I've given most of it away and don't have anything new. I may have to just post some of my many unfinished projects. lol

  2. Beautiful Terry...I admire your talent; one of the things that inspired me from your Blog is your documenting with Watercolor...It has led to also try it as my summer project...I've only done 2 so far, a far cry from my first intentions...but thanks for the inspiration...Ron


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