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Thursday, July 29, 2010

A poet returns

K. Lawson Gilbert, blogfriend and fellow traveler, has returned after months of health imposed exile. Finally, too much pressure built up inside to be held within to hold back her images and words fortunately for all of us, on her blog "Old Mossy Moon."

I wrote her that while many of us cannot live in "artist colonies" physically to gain strength and inspiration and health from others, we are fortunate to have access to this new kind of art colony--I refuse to cal it "digital," or "blogosphere." How about "blog colony"? I don't know, suggestions? But that doesn't matter, since we can connect and feed off one another.

My blog has not withered, but waned this month. Thanks, Kay, for the transfusion.

Read these, and prepare to be stunned: http://oldmossymoon.blogspot.com/

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  1. Terry, your unwavering support of my poetry is so appreciated. Thanks for those incredible comments you left on Old Mossy Moon. Now - hopefully, I am back for a while to rejoin the ranks in this "blog colony" as you call it - (I like that!) I am always inspired by your amazing artwork and by your mind-blowing thoughts and words!!


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