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Monday, July 19, 2010

Voting for Drew Edmondson

The only sensible, logical choice for Oklahoma governor is Drew Edmondson. He's been a steady, conscientious public as attorney general, not adhering to one political viewpoint, but the law. He’s taken on the big corporations, and won for schools and against big-tobacco. He's a friend of all citizens, especially in his support of the public record and meeting laws which keep Oklahoma government open to the public eyes.

Primary elections are a week away, July 27. If you’re a Democrat, vote for Edmondson over Askins...who is completely political and a micromanager, according to employees. She is in it for herself, not us.

For Republicans, Brogdon or however you spell his name (I keep thinking of primitive trogdolytes), is endorsed by Glenn Beck--so much for an ability to think. Mary Fallin was pretty good as lieutenant gov, and she's a likable cheerleader type. But you read her stuff and she will say anything to get elected as everybody is stumbling all over themselves to be the most “Conservative” this year. She wants to "protect" our seniors, and fight the "liberals." I'm a senior--I don't want to be condescended to and protected, thank you. Fallin is favored and personable, and will give Edmondson a real run for the job…appearance against substance.

And beware all the folks—in the state and country--who use terms like "liberals," socialists," conservative,” "right-wingers," etc. That's resorting to propaganda techniques and avoiding the issues because they don't think you are intelligent, and can think there are complex, not black-and-white issues. Instead they resort to labels and fear tactics. That’s beneath the dignity of the office they’re seeking.

That’s why Edmondson makes sense…look at his ads…they’re about what he has accomplished, and the issues. Oklahoma—if it is to progress in quality of life for all--needs all the intelligent, citizen-oriented, leadership it can muster to offset a mediocre congressional delegation owned by big corporation money and agendas.

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  1. I'm one of those idiot Republicans who is still wondering what happened to the Republican Party. Who are all these Glenn Beck loving T baggers. So I'm voting against somebody in my primary.

    I think Edmunson is a good guy and I'd be happy with him as Governor but Jari Askins always says hello to my son when she sees him and remembers him. So, if she survives the Primary, she'll get my vote.