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Friday, July 16, 2010

Welfare clarified

Thanks to fellow traveler and blogger Yogi's Den http://crustygasguy.blogspot.com/of Tulsa for the succinct rebuttal to my Bumper Sticker Ignorance post. I have repented and asked to post his comments as part of my penance. Hear ye, hear ye! "You are getting me kind of riled up Okie Prof. Let me tell how it works. "Helping out poor people, with government funds, including widows, orphans, and old folks is welfare, and of course that is evil. "Providing assistance to middle class people with government funds is called Benefits, and that is a good thing. "Giving public funds to big corporations, that is called Incentives, and that is the best thing of all. Do you understand all that now? "
"Sure, share away. Just remember though that the best kind of incentives for big corporations is to use money from the widows, orphans, and old folks. They just waste it anyway on stuff like food, rent, medicine, and utilities."

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  1. I hope everybody has it straight now. You made me laugh on a hot Friday afternoon.


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