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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bumper sticker ignorance

I saw it on the back of mammoth $70,000 Cadillac SUV this morning:

"No Socialism Allowed--This is Oklahoma."

I couldn't help but wonder what country the driver was from, considering that this county "allows" all politics, unless I've misread the Constitution.

But the driver was typical white, middle-aged Republican Edmondite probably living in a gated community to keep free thought out, or at least riff-raff like me.

I'm wondering what part of "socialism" he and his ilk want banned from Oklahoma?

How about public schools...the ultimate socialist statement in this country? Even the great conservative Senator Bob Taft from Ohio, who lost the nomination to Ike, said that public schools were socialist and necessary. I'm sure driver pays umpteen thousand dollars a semester to send his children  to lily-white private "Christian" schools were students all conform and opposing ideas are squelched--(obviously following Christ's example). Yes, let's get rid of the public schools and just let the common folks stay ignorant since they can't afford what he pays for tuition.

How about Social Security? It was the start of real socialism in this country, giving hope to millions of hard-working folks who didn't know how to spell retirement, much less plan for it. The driver's probably so well off that he has a million dollars in retirement portfolios, and he'd never draw social security and nobody in his ancestry ever has. Yes, let's do away with social security and just let all those blue hairs and old geezers starve to death.

And Medicare and Medicaid? Obviously socialized medicine for those folks who can't afford big corporate insurance policies and high priced medicines to keep them alive. Let'm die. They're just a drain on the economy anyway.

How about all those "entitlements"? Sure whatever they are, like the county health department and free immunizations for poor people. If people can't take care of themselves like the driver does with his oil depletion allowances and business tax credits and deductions for everything from toilet paper on up, why should he help pay for them?

Then there's the bank and auto  bailout funds...oops, that was started by George Bush wasn't it?

Ok, health care reform? Why should anyone help others stay healthy? Hey, the driver's healthy, has the best of preventative health care and his big Oklahoma corporation pays for it. If others can't afford it, let them just get sick and spread it through all the public schools, before we close them. A good epidemic will ....

Come to think of it, let's get rid of all socialism in government.  We pay taxes and it does stuff for everybody. Like the paved streets the driver's riding on, waiting at the government stoplight, while police cars patrol the speed limit, and fire trucks help protect his home. He turned on the tap this morning and brushed his teeth with government-funded water, and air conditioned his house with government electricity. He makes a lot more than I do, but I helped pay for it. That's socialistic, in my book.

Shouldn't be allowed in Oklahoma.

It tells you something else when the other bumper sticker on his car is for Mary Fallin ...a candidate with the same kind of deep thinking. Now she's opposed to big government and the liberals, but then spends my tax dollars sending out junk mail telling me so, and promising to "take care of the seniors."

Sounds like socialism to me.


  1. Then there is the actual socialist history of early Oklahoma.

  2. Yes, indeed, every little town had a socialist newspaper...The Waurika Telegraph, the Addington Advertiser...socialism wasn't a bad word--pre-communist era, for the workers. Of course Cadillac driver newer heard of that either.

  3. You are getting me kind of riled up Okie Prof. Let me tell how it works.

    Helping out poor people, with government funds, including widows, orphans, and old folks is welfare, and of course that is evil.

    Providing assistance to middle class people with government funds is called Benefits, and that is a good thing.

    Giving public funds to big corporations, that is called Incentives, and that is the best thing of all.

    Do you understand all that now?

  4. Yogi,

    My apologies, fellow New Mexico traveler. I'm sorry I was so dense.

    Can I share your clear thinking with others as part of my penance?

  5. Sure, share away. Just remember though that the best kind of incentives for big corporations is to use money from the widows, orphans, and old folks. They just waste it anyway on stuff like food, rent, medicine, and utilities.


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