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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gettin' riled up


Been posting on facebook some things that riled me up...shoulda put them here...writing about the NTC mosque, Gen. McChrystal, doggie dentures  and more, and oh the reactions.

Back on the blog soon. And more reviews of some special poetry books, from Oklahoma authors. They stir you.


  1. Haha you call liberals "Commie Pinkos" on Facebook. Could you be any more of an old man?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I do my political stuff on twitter any more or on my blog. Putting it on facebook just got my ultraconservative friends mad at me. I don't agree with their politics but I count them as friends and didn't want to antagonize them.

  4. Great getting caught up on all your posts. Gettin' your kicks on Route 66....The train, which I will show my grandson, more gorgeous clouds, the movable feast, politics! Love what I think you wrote yesterday before you removed the post! hahahaa - Terry, I am always entertained here and moved in some way. Want to comment again on that portrait of your mother that your dad had painted. What a treasure he left you...I could just see you and friends going through his archival art.

  5. Yogi,

    My problem is I sorta like gigging ultra conservative friends. And especially nonfriends. I wear a Yellow Dog Democrat cap into restaurants just for the fun of it.


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