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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Redheads and cousins, part 1

Sarah Beth sent me some color photos, many taken by my Dad, on our visits to East Texas, and some of which I'd never seen.

Understand now why I have this thing for redheads?  Can't you just see that mouthy attitude?

Mother, standing at left, and her sister Gladys, sometime in Houston. Notice the redhead peeking over the heads of all the boys she's flirting with. No, I don't know who they are.
Cousins and Grandmother ...Culps  were a prolific family.
 Sophie Elizabeth beard Culp sitting. Behind her, mouthy redhead. Others standing, David Culp, Me, Charles Lutrick (the first cousin and Sarah's brother, Charles Rogers Lutrick who was the  the "good" boy), and Lindy. David and Lindy are children of the baby of the family, E.T. Culp and Lamerle of Nacodoches(that's his name, though they are the initials of our grandfather Ezra Thomas Culp). In front of me are some I recognize and some I don't. Jerry is right below David. In front of me is redheaded Charlotte Gee, and in from of her is  Carolyn Gee and then in front of her is Brenda Gee. I think Sanda Gee is at right sitting. They're the children of Mom's sister Ima, all of Silsbee.
Three of the sisters, from left, Gladys Lutrick, Faye Clark, Grandmother, and Vera Pollock Culp, known to all as Sissie, my favorite aunt.

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