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Friday, May 25, 2012

Alaska lessons

From my 36 pages of writing and sketching in my journal--
  • You won't come this way again, so enjoy it while you're here
  • The world is much bigger than Oklahoma
  • Friends are essential
  • Wildlife is sacred
  • Characters are the spice of life
  • We are Small
  • So much to see and taste, so little time
  • Losing track of days help reduce stress
  • Long days allow for early rising
  • People are afraid of bears
  • Fear stops us from living
  • Snapshots freeze memories in time
  • Slow down and breathe
  • Not having a car to drive enriches life
  • It doesn't matter what "now" costs, tomorrow isn't here
  • Money doesn't matter
  • Unhurried people are the happiest
  • If you're not having fun, whose fault is that?

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