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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Clues to the mystery of two cemeteries

You enter the Seward Memorial 1897  gate, and you see this. Being judgmental, I immediately assume it's just rednecks. Then I see a veteran's grave. What is the difference I ask, from the veterans across the intersection of Seward Road in southern Logan County? I don't get it. Except the graves are poorer. So I keep looking, occasional traffic driving by, wondering what I'm up to. The meadowlarks and mockingbirds sing here, just as they did across the road. Then something else catches my eye. Poorer doesn't explain it.

I don't think I've ever seen anything like this. I know I'm naive, but I don't get it. Do you?
Slowly it sinks in as I wander through this cemetery, not as well kept as the other across the road. Here's another clue. There is dignity here--not fancy marble gravestones, but people remembered, some with concrete blocks and wooden crosses. I keep wandering around, taking photos, and I come across more veteran's graves.
Here's another clue on this gravestone. A WWI vet, a member of the Pioneer Infantry. I don't know that term, do you? But not buried with brothers in arms across the road. Why? He is buried not far from a WWII vet, and from two obviously related vets, probably a grandfather and a grandson. Why here? I don't know, until I wander over into the remote parts of the cemetery, and see two fairly recent graves, with persons' photos on  them. Then, I ask, I wonder....? Do you get it yet?

And then, I see the signs at the other entrance to the cemetery.  The graves are still decorated, the veterans still served. What's the difference?
Scripture endures

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