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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Brave life lessons and metaphors with twitter in #clarkclass

Shere's new life coaching twitter account

While many of the  speakers for my twitter for Media, #clarkclass, return each time, the lessons are never identical. 
That's because twitter is constantly changing along with the lives of these professionals.
This is certainly true of amazing our first speaker today, Sheri Guyse, a  former student of mine who is one of the most remarkable people I know. She's worked in PR, managed social media for the Good Egg Restaurant Group, and now is staring her own life coaching career. 
Along the way she's started a Rotary club with members devoted to the arts. She hosts monthly house concerts. She's a single mom.
Thus she brings many perspectives to social media and many stories also. 
She's one of the most quotable people I know with natural metaphors every time she talks. She does with with energy and a big smile and ideas galore.
After her session, we debrief, and each student has to comment and what they gained. She sat in on this today, and often commented, adding tot he conversation.
I'm struck that my 20 students rarely mentioned twitter, but emphasized character traits  and life lessons.
Here are some of the comments, recorded by student @SydOKC:
  • “Follow your heart.”
  • “I like that what you said about being real and transparent. It’s hard to do. It’s easy to be fake. Just be real.”
  • “I like the quote that you said from Theodore Roosevelt, “It’s not the critique that counts it’s the brave person in the arena.”
  • “I like whenever you were talking about being transparent. If you’re going to show up, show up. Don’t half ass it.”
  • “I like what you said about being transparent, too. Be passionate about it.”
  • “I like that you said, “Be brave!”
  • “I like that how you said your thoughts create positive energy.”
  • “I’m impressed by your patience.”
  • “I like the fact that you were uncomfortable with your job, but you had to make the decision about getting a new job that put you where you are now.”
  • “I am impressed at the fact that you went out and made your own job. It’s inspiring.
  • “I’m all about the positive energy!”
  • “Sometimes you need to be generous. I like that you said to put forth the effort.”
  • “Be generous and good things will happen. Also, I like what you said about knowing your calling.”
  • “You seem like a prime example of someone who takes initiative.”
  • “My favorite quote from you was about being brave means showing up and being seen. Also, being vulnerable.”
  • “Being positive can be difficult, but I really felt like today was everything behind the scene. It’s neat and adds a little bit of hope.”
  • “What I learned today, but forgot, was to advertise for free. It’s a big thing! We are creating our own brand.”
  • “I like what you said about not looking at it just as an advertising platform, it’s also about relationships. I’d always knew that it was good to be nice and win favor, but to actually look at it as a funnel strategy is what stuck out to me. “
  • “I like that you said whenever once you have and idea, go after. That’s impressive. Going after what you enjoy doing and finding what out what you like is interesting.”
  • “I like that you truly care about all the people you come in contact with. I think it’s very important that we make sure that it’s important.”
@okieprof comments, previously tweeted, quoting Sheri
  • "My name is my currency"
  • "Everybody has a story. I want to help people re-author their stories."
  • "When you numb the dark, you numb the light."

Sheri's main twitter page; a Journey fan, but also symbolic of her life
  Previous comments on Sheri in earlier twitter classes:
If you wish to follow the class day by day, check the class blog, #ClarkclassUCO


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