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Monday, January 8, 2018

Earthiness-Adobe dreams

"Adobe Dreams," 5 1/2 by 7 1/2 watercolor, 300 lb. d'Arches cold press paper
Adobe makes me happy... the sight, the touch, the smell, the thought of it, the earthiness of it.
It's sensual, the product of fleshly dust working with the dust of the earth, joined by touch, where everything fuses over time, adobe .
Like  flesh, adobe always changes, always decays, always must be replenished. Like flesh, it assumes the  constantly changing colors and textures of its birth and everyday existence. And sooner or later, it will melt back into the mother earth from which it came.
Adobe-sensual earthiness, like flesh--metaphors, or lessons for living,  abundant in reflected color, and absent perfect or jagged, unforgiving edges. Beauty comes from simplicity and usefulness.
In the Southwest, in New Mexico, adobe is common, and imitated, but not taken for granted by those who work it, live in it. Today's painting--if I had a cabin, where colors and life blend imperceptibly together.
(Daily #worldwatercolorgroup January happy things challenge)

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