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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mystical triangulated power and fun

Mystic Triangles, 5 by 7 watercolor, 140 lb. Fabriano Artistico cold press papager
Triangles. I think  I first met triangles when I took geometry and trig in high school, but they were just shapes and angles and equations in this science-material Western world we live in.
The bridge--triangles in motion
Through the years I've gained appreciation for  the ancients' pyramids, especially for the Egyptians and Mayans' meticulous accuracy in measuring the cosmos  
But other than the weird theories surrounding the pyramid on the back of our money, I still never  paid much attention to triangles.
Mystic movement--digitally enhanced
Then yesterday, as I watched the huge steel bridges being lowered in place over Broadway Extension, I was awed by  the structural power of triangles in those structures. I'm no engineer or architect, but the principles embodied in those projects is amazing.
Yesterday afternoon at Steve's Rib for one of our games, my long-time chess partner,  John Lawton, marveled at my photos of the event, and exclaimed about the triangles. John is an acrylic painter whose abstracts explode in shapes and colors...and he paints out-of-this-world mystic triangles.
Power of Triangles, 5 x 7 watercolor, 140 lb. cold press paper
Triangles have ancient power in more than just architecture.
Consider that the tower of Babel a pyramid, like the ziggurat unearthed at Ur, home of Abraham.
Got me to thinking about my daily painting, so I tried something triangularly abstract of one of the bridge photos yesterday. And then today, I just tried to do something cosmic with a triangle, without going all New Age on you.
Then, since we're going mystic, let's digitally play with the colors on both.
Power, digitally enhanced
Thus you have, yesterday's bridge painting. Today's triangle. And two mystic explosions of the power of triangles beyond the physical world. Fun. These made me happy.
Oh, and here's a link about the mystic power of triangles:  Spiritual Triangles .
(Daily #worldwatercolorgroup January paint happy things challenge.)


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