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Monday, December 10, 2018

A message from afar-15 days til Christmas

"Message from Afar," #watercolor card
Stars. Messages from afar.
Science teaches we're looking back in time when we view the stars...the light just now reaching us that was first created millions of years ago.
Science also says that when stars explode, they create novas, bright explosions that when they reach us they appear for days or more visible even in the day. Rock carvings of the ancients have recorded these in the past, most recently at Chaco Canyon in New Mexico in 1054.
Stars have always been associated with momentous events and monumental leaders, influencing events here on this pebble rotating around a small star.
Some believe that the star leading visitors to the birth of Jesus was such a nova.
'Tis possible. Also, 'tis possible as people of faith to believe otherwise, that it was a message from God.
I don't think it matters. What matters is the story is imbedded in our culture, and the baby born that day has influenced millions through the years.
I do know that such a star, nova or of faith, had to shine more than just a day or night to lead people to Bethlehem.
So here is the first rendition, for the next 15 days--a message from afar. These cards were sent to believes in the star of faith. There will be a special one Dec. 25.

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