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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Towering memories and magic

"Sandia snow, the Thumb and Crest," 5 x 7 #watercolor card
There are places in your life that tower in your memories, especially in this season of memories.
They form from places you've lived and loved, or experienced life changes, in instants or over time, sometimes without us even knowing it at the time.
The Sandia Mountains tower in my consciousness, from over the years  growing up, and returning often to New Mexico. They have a magic hold on me. My Dad painted them often, and I've attempted many times. My photo file is full of images. 
They just speak to me, especially in winter. While I have few memories of the holidays with these on the eastern horizon, they're still there, captivating. They are weather changers, always changing themselves in the light, always a dividing line in weather systems. 
Towering more 5,000 feet above Albuquerque, the Sandias tower in my memory. They change me.
Over my desk, my Dad's 20 x 30 drawing and watercolor of the Sandias

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  1. The Sandias are very dear to me, too. I spent (invested?) my formative years in Albuquerque; even graduated from... Sandia HS; and got married at... Sandia Baptist Church! Climbed the La Luz Trail more than once; rode the tram. Your father's drawing/watercolor is beautiful; and I like your Thumb and Crest, too. Wow. Thank you for sharing!


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