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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Just inside the gate

"Inside the gate," 5 x 7 #watercolor card
How many gates have we passed through in our lives?
Literally, and figuratively? Innumerable.
The literal ones beckon, invite, draw our attention, hinting at adventure, or mystery, or journey, or promise of travel on the other side.
Others we are not aware of, perhaps, until later after we have opened, entered, shut, and moved on. They all have consequences, some with negative results, but we yearn for them to be positive.
I pass this gate on my morning walks
Gates in their many forms become symbols, for what is beyond in life. I photograph and paint many of them. This holiday season heightens that sense.
Consider the old Gospel hymn, "Just inside the gate."
"Oh how happy I will be when life's journey here is run
And I look upon His face and I hear Him say, 'Well done
You have fought a faithful fight and my child you've kept the faith
Enter now my joys are yours, so just step inside the gate'

Inside the gate (just inside the gate), 
inside the gate (just inside the gate)
I'm home (just inside the gate) sweet home
Just inside the gate."

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  1. Reminds me of Psalm 118:19, "Open to me the gates of righteousnesss, and will go in and give thanks to the Lord."


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