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Saturday, December 8, 2018

"Get that quote," and "Uncas"

#clarkclass 12.0 gets the quote 
Ryan Dunn takes a risk, with humor

week concluded the 12th time I've taught Twitter for Media in the Mass Comm department at the University of central Oklahoma. It may be ":Uncas."

It started with me buying Twitter for Dummies," but following advice from media pros. It became my favorite class, opening my eyes and heart, and my students,' to far more than just a social media platform.
Hashtagged #clarkclass, students still stay in touch, and learn so much from the many professional speakers I bring in from many different fields, banking, PR, broadcast, sports, advertising, HR and digital marketing, plus more.
You can get a rundown on what they learn by checking the class blog, #ClarkClassUCO, https://clarkclassuco.blogspot.com
As a journalist, I often interrupt speakers, yelling at students to "Get that quote," and it's become sort of a motto for students.
You can read my comments on that, on that class blog. Students also learn that I value quirky stuff, people who take risks, have humor, and are not cookie cutters.
This time, the last student presentation, on the last class day, student Ryan Dunn made his presentation on his "social media adoptee," and took a risk, with humor, to bring us all to laughter.

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