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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Room for everyone- Two days 'til Christmas

"No Room," 5 by 7 #watercolor card
When you're  poor, you're not entitled...you sleep outside, finding shelter where you can, no matter the weather. You don't think you deserve anything, but would appreciate a warm meal, a handout, a place that's dry. 
You're used to doing without, though you can't help but perhaps envy, or resent, those who drive by and don't care to even try to help. Have you seen the homeless along our streets? 
Mary and Joseph were poor, and teenagers, and a long way from home. They had little money, and no health care when they needed it most. I imagine they felt angry, worried, and hopeless, but certainly not entitled. They were used to doing without.
So when there was no place to stay, they found the only sanctuary they could. These were tougher people than we are today...consider giving birth in a barn, with hay and livestock, and no antiseptics or medical help, or sterile surroundings.
Do you wonder why Jesus was so focused on helping the poor, on why he could angrily drive out the rich money changers taking advantage of poor people, why he could praise a widow's mite,  why he would eat and talk and heal poor sinners, not the wealthy, warm and pompous  church goers who made religious rules to exclude people?
He knew what it was like to not be "entitled," to have self-righteous people judge you thinking you were lazy, to take advantage of you, to ignore your needs because you were poor.
The lesson of "No room at the inn," told to him by his parents formed his teaching--Good news, there is room for everyone. 

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