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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A blog of a changing year...

New Year's eve blue moon

The last watercolors of the year...

I started blogging in May, and this is number 339. It has been a year of change and awakening for me in many ways--personally, professionally, emotionally, creatively--and much of it is reflected here.  It has opened my eyes and my spirit to writing again, provided me an outlet for painting, for storytelling and photography, for essays, for poetry, for humor, for contact with new and old friends, for thinking, for new adventures and experiments in being creative.

I didn't know where this was going back in May, and I still don't perhaps as I consider  goals for experiences in the new year. I've learned and expanded, but have a long way to go technologically in this digital but emotional and creative world.

How has it changed? One example only are the paintings. I didn't think I'd painted much this year. I've had a show and sold some, but  there's not much new that's framed. Then I thought about all the one's I've posted. I've probably painted more this year, but they're smaller, and  therefore freer and more creative. That's because I needed to make them smaller so I could scan them. Technology led to something new.

I read a statement from Garrison Keeler today in Time. Asked  how he mastered writing and oral storytelling, he replied:
"I didn't. There's no mastery to be had. You love the attempt. You don't master a story any more than you master a river. You feel lucky to canoe down it."

It's been an interesting canoe ride this year, including this blog. Sometimes it has been wonderful, and sometimes its been less than pleasant, but it's never been boring.

Today's watercolors come from looking out the window on a gray morning, bare branches against the sky, and thinking about tonight's new moon.  Bare branches, another year, more life. "If winter comes, can spring be far behind?" Shelley.

This is probably my last blog of the year, but I'm working (thinking) about the next one about the awakenings I've had, and my thoughts on the new year. If I don't get it done tonight...tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. The blog needs one of those things like FaceBook has, where you can just click on "like" or "unlike." This would be "like," very much. Your writing, dreaming and living reminds me it's never too late to start (until it is, but it's not yet, so it's not!!)!


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