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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

First born Capricorn

I received a birthday card today from an insurance agent of mine, noting many of the things that happened in the year I was born.

I don't know if it exactly cheered me up, but I started thinking again at this calendar-year's end about all the times the world has been around the sun since I was born.

The birthday isn't here yet, but those of you who follow the stars know the characteristics of a first born Capricorn, I'm sure.

So here's a quiz, even if you don't know the day...what year (Gregorian calendar, not Mayan or other) was I born in?

Here are hints from the card:

American living then and now

Average income--then, $4,027. 2009--$50,986
1st class stamp--then, 3 cents, Now, 42 cents
Gallon of milk--then, 62 cents. Now, $3.99 or so
Population (mil.)--then, 138.4. Now, 306.8.
New home (Ave.)--$3,475. Now, $218,400

Top tunes: You always hurt the one you love, I'll get by, Long ago and far away, sentimental journey, I'll walk alone.

Top movie...Going my way.

One more hint. Average price of a new Ford--then, None made. Now, $20,900.

So how many times around the sun?

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