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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Santa Fe plaza

You can never tell when it will snow in Santa Fe. I've seen it on Thanksgiving, and in late March. The Plaza at the end of the Santa Fe Trail, looking north. On the opposite side is the Palace of the Governors where Indians sell their jewelry and art in the day. This is the oldest capital city in what is now the United States, as Santa Fe is celebrating its 400th anniversary.

Think of all the snows, and travelers who have gathered here over the centuries. Santa Fe bills itself as "The City Different." I love it when the tourists are gone, when snow hushes the traffic, when the smell of pinon smoke and green chili take you back to simpler times and feed your imagination. You can sense time here.

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  1. Wow! The end of the Santa Fe trail, huh? I am enamored of any place where one can sense time. I would love to visit Santa Fe. My sister has been there and would-if-she-could move there! I love how you put that..."think of all the snows, and travelers who have gathered here over the centuries." Oh, I could get lost in those thoughts. Beautiful, as always, Clark!


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