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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Personnel thoughts, part 2

Journal thoughts

• People who think they’re too big to apologize or admit mistakes or fault, are really very small. And everyone knows it except themselves.
• Don’t insult people by reading to them what they can read on their own.
• If someone fails, reassure them of their worth. Find a way for them to succeed.
• You can’t make whiners happy. Don’t waste your time.
• If you want, give.
• If you take, you lose.
• Employees who distrust all leaders should be distrusted.
• When your people succeed and surpass you, when they look good, you do too.
• You always remember mentors, especially in crisis. So will others remember you.
• Treat people you don’t trust or like courteously. It will either make them uncomfortable, or they’ll let their guard down thinking you’re fooled.
• Humble people are strong. Arrogant people are weak.
• Be thankful for anal people. They help keep you loose. Be thankful for scatterbrains. They help keep you organized.
• When you have to work with people you don’t trust, always know more than they do. Don’t show signs of weakness.
• Those who consider kidding disgraceful or who can’t take it, are either insecure, have low self esteem, or are too full of themselves.
• We don’t need more work.
• If everyone was perfect, there wouldn’t be leaders.
• Learn to read people.
• Most people have a “feel sorry for myself” or “poor me” gene, that varies in influence on their personalities, and affects your management.
• People who are angry most of the time are either angry with themselves, or not willing to take responsibility for themselves.
• Those people who habitually blame someone else are usually at fault.
• Start off criticism as the Apostle Paul did with praise. And then say, “but” and get to the point, with solutions.
• Anybody who abuses an animal will abuse a child or an adult.
• Kind people are not weak, but powerful.
• Spontaneous cards, notes, flowers, lunches and words are better than the same on Secretaries’ Day.
• Prima donnas always cause problems. Keep your guard up.
• A good way to start a disciplinary session with an employee is with a question. It eases tension and makes you sound fair.
• In dealing with faculty, it’s more effective to ask “I need you to…” than to say “I want you to.…”
• Most people who work want to do a good job.
• Most people want to have pride in their work.
• He who tootheth not his own horn, the same it shall not be tooteth.
• He who tooteth his horn too much, the same needeth to learn that less is more.
• Have fun. Don’t be afraid to act a little crazy to get others to laugh.

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