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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Texas Brigade at Gettysburg

thanks Vance for forwarding those photos...Mike Dawes' Texas Brigade, after gathering at the Texas monument at Gettysburg, in the background.

Notice the variety in the uniforms. so realistic. Only one thing wrong with the photo...they all have shoes. We didn't. Our feet were tough.


  1. My great grandfather Hicks was a member of the 4th Texas Infantry but died in sick camp before Gettysburg. Interestingly enough, my great grandfather Lokey was in the 20th Ga. and fought alongside the Texas Brigade at Devil Den where he was shot thru the thigh atop Houck's (sp) Ridge while taking aim at a yankee on Little Round Top. After 6 wks. furlough, he returned to his regiment and was at the surrender at Appomattox.

  2. Wow. Here's to the rebel in all of us!

    Yankees just don't get it.

  3. Is this what you would call, "becoming," Clark?

    I ask in order to find some parameters.

    Nostalgia for the wrong side of history is, what, charming?

    Holding on to one's culture?

    Innocent pride not in the deeds of the past but the... the what? of the past? The who and not the what? The brave, relatively innocent and not the political issues involved? I wouldn't oppose this last one, myself.

    But, then, why fly a flag that solely represents real atrocities for real families living today? And why hold on to these anachronistic labels which you seem to see some kind of essentialism, ontology in for ways of being? Do you know how many northern black folks came or are descended from folks who came from the South? Do you know how many folks, during the dying of the rustbelt in the North moved to the South in the seventies, more in the eighties?

    Why do you think development exploded by more than 500% in the last two decades of the century?

    What is this nostalgia for the armed semi-resolution of genocide?

    Have you ever, every thought about it? Or is the naivete as unreflected upon as the boyish fantasies?

    Tell me again... how do you perceive what is "becoming."

    And please tell me, if you can, how "becoming" behavior equals Christian attitude.

    Does your wife wear hoop skirts?


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