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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thoughts on leadership

From a journal
  • Top-heavy administration is like an old rotten tree. It’s probably hollow inside and needs to be cut down or avoided. Don’t try to climb it—you’ll get tangled in all the useless branches and the first storm will knock you to the ground.
  • Control freaks--micromanagers-- are insecure and lack trust. When they’re powerful, they breed distrust and unhappiness and inefficiency.
  • The people most admired in an organization are those who are always willing to help.
  • People who emphasize organizational charts and titles aren’t usually servants.
  • Compliment, and reward, especially the staff. Let their superiors know.
  • This builds capital to draw on when you complain.
  • Not everyone will, or can be, a good employee.
  • Have a secretary who becomes your right arm.
  • Praise is the most neglected tool of successful leadership.
  • Pay isn’t as important as satisfaction..
  • Be loyal to where you work.
  • Loyalty is not complete agreement.


  1. Hey, I finally added this hre place to my blogroll at ER. Feel free to do likewise, or not. Just keep my anonymity anonymous, por favor.

  2. very wise words again. I enjoyed you thoughts regarding meetings too


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