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Monday, December 28, 2020

Mountain Moods

"First Snow on Lone Cone," 5 x 7 watercolor holiday greeting card

you grow up around mountains, they get into you, become a part of you, even if you move away.

Certain ones become more than landmarks--magnets, favorites that pull you. Mine are the Truchas and Sandias in New Mexico. 

The moods of mountains continually change, with the light, with the seasons, with the viewers' locations and memories. You just really never get tired of looking at them.

We need that stability more than ever in this year of pandemics, and fictional mountains were recurring subjects in my holiday greeting card project. But then, as the year nears end, with thoughts of Western mountains in fall glory with aspen and early snow,  there a few specific  cards for special friends. 

Thus "First Snow, on Lone Cone," southwest Colorado, for Sherry and Gary Sump.

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