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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Together Time

"Together," 5 x 7 watercolor holiday greeting card

In these days of cold, of pandemic and racism and political assaults on humanity, what we need most, is time for being together.

Children know that as they miss their teachers; teachers know that as they miss working in person with their students.

 I can't imagine walking around the classroom without being able to  interact with my students one on-one.

My former colleagues tell me the joy of teaching is gone. So also for our students, so is the joy of learning.

In this winter of pandemic, what we need most, to survive, is  to be together...as couples, as individuals, as survivors.

May we find some way to get  there, hunkered down, surviving in a pandemic, abetted by a lack of leadership  that  plays golf, as Nero fiddles, or calls for a prayer breakfast.

Today's watercolor, as simple as holding hands we we most need them, "Together."

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