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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Sandias, seriously.

The Sandias, when I grew up, taken from the back yard of our house on Sandia Base

I wrote the Truchas mountains were my favorite in New Mexico, commenting on my latest watercolor, and several chimed in about the Sandias at Albuquerque.

Dad's large drawing of the Sandias that hangs over my desk.
They have a strong hold on me as well, since I grew up there and my Dad painted them, usually in oils, several times. I've also painted them in watercolor, many times on a smaller scaled than Dad's, a few of which I'm fairly satisfied with.

Any painting I see of them, or even more, photos on social media, grab my attention just as they do whenever I'm in New Mexico.  They also go in a folder on my computer, for reference, inspiration, and just because.

Dad's large oil, hanging in my brothers' house
Though Albuquerque has grown to the edge of those mountains these day, much of that land was barren when I lived there.

So, for my friends who commented, here  are two of Dad's paintings, both about 24 x 36, one of mine and what they looked like when I was growing up.

I never attempt anything this large, because I'm not that good, nor am I patient enough to put in all that detail time.

P.S. You can tell someone from New Mexico, because we all know how to spell Albuquerque.

One of my watercolors, about 8 x 10 

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