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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Profound poodle

"Profound Poodle," 5 x 7 watercolor holiday greeting card

the phrase "Going to the dogs" isn't such a bad thing, I thought yesterday, walking in Hafer Park.

People who are out walking their dogs, of all varieties (humans and canines), seemed pretty friendly, a lot more so than the poisonous vitriol  of the still-current political and pandemic chaos. The dogs seem well adjusted, and their owners.

"Beautiful dog. Cute pooch. "Passing people in the park, I always compliment their dogs, and get a smile and a "thank you." Yep, going to the dogs.

I took this photo this week of an old guy (probably my age) on a walker, with his little dog. No hurry, no acrimony, just enjoying the outdoors on a mild December day. Friendly. We need more days, and years, of going to the dogs.

So as the end of the year approaches, and my annual holiday greeting card project as well, I want to post one of the cards made especially for some special friends.  

I used to be a dog person, still am deep down. I originally wanted an indoor-outdoor dog and my wife said no, she wanted indoor cats. So we compromised. I am now owned by two indoor cats

But our friends are indeed dog people. I'm sure Carlos is a profound poodle. Today's card, Carlos, for the Brekkes.

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