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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Meetings and other headaches

More journal thoughts

• Be skeptical of paperwork and meetings.
• Avoid meetings and committees.
• Meet deadlines that affect your people.
• Ignore all the paperwork, meetings and deadlines that you can.
• Keep meetings short.
• Meetings, like speeches, get worse and waste more time as they get longer.
• Most committees are a waste of time, manpower and money. So are most reports.
• Get to the point in speaking or writing.
• Mid-level managers primarily require reports, meetings and committees to justify their jobs. Of course they think they’re important.
• The more reports, committees and meetings one attends, the less efficient he’ll be as a leader.
• Strong leaders keep them to a minimum.
• Simplify all paperwork and forms.
• Watch people getting of an airplane. That’s what it feels like when a meeting is over.
• Have two types of meetings: brief, agenda-ordered business and informational; and less formal ones that allow complete participation.
• Start meetings on time, with a advance agenda. If you can’t do that, you’re wasting everyone’s time.
• People who show up late to meetings are rude and disrespectful.
• In a meeting, let everyone have their say, but don’t condone personal attacks.
• Every meeting should have a summary statement of accomplishment. It helps achieve goals and shows why the meeting was worthwhile.

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  1. There is so much wisdom in these statements. Wow. If only everyone adhered to these simple rules.


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