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Friday, July 3, 2009

You Betcha!

Sarah Palin is going to resign!

I gotta admit...I thought she was cute, and I am much obliged that someone in national view would say "You Betcha!" That sure ain't sanitized by the pr folks, is it?

I was horrified that she might have been president, but she added real character to politics, and whether she was smart or not, depending on your politics, she sure wasn't sophisticated.

What I really appreciate about her is that she took the spotlight off of Okies and Arkies showing up as hicks anytime someone from national TV interviews one of our citizens. they always find someone with bad teeth, bad weight and bad grammar. She helped give Alaska a bad image, that it doesn't deserve, but still, they forgot about our backward Dust Bowl image for a while. Until another of our retardo legislators says something stupid about gays, religion or global warming, at least.

So I'm gonna miss Sarah and her long hair and big glasses and whiny talk. Think what a boon she was to Saturday Night Live and Tina Fey...that was the best humor and satire we've had in years, in a world entirely too serious. I suspect all of this shows that she's just one of those small (population wise) state politicians that is mired in some form of corruption that we're so familiar with in Oklahoma, a product of isolation, shallowness and provincialism. Though the big state boys and girls seem to get their fingers caught in the till too. Stupidity and corruption crosses all party lines.
And I expect the resignation does her in as a potential GOP candidate, which is too bad, because she'd fragment the Republicans even more with the fanatic religious right, and that would just break my heart, as a recovering fundamentalist conservative. I don't mind sincere conservatism, but I don't trust her.
So Sarah, you may not be a maverick, but you've been a lot of fun, you betcha!

Ursa th' professa'

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