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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

D-Day--snug in my crib

The blood of freedom
It is now June 6 in England, and in 1944, momentous history was about to occur at daybreak, as people were sleeping here.

While I was snug in my crib in Dallas, Texas,  68 years ago, men were dying so I could sleep safe and free.
It was still June 5 here, but at 6:30 a.m.  June 6 in the English Channel, on the coast of Normandy... and you can read about it in the history books and online.
Their blood spared me the fate of much of the world which believed that all people should think alike, that free thought and expression are dangerous, that people are supposed to be subservient, that individuality and differences in beliefs, religions, races, languages is suspicious and should be squelched by force, that the might of military makes anything right, that individuals have no rights.
American Cemetery at Normandy
What is frightening is that many people in the world, including fanatics here in America, still believe that way. If D-Day means anything to us as a free people, we will  respect the rights of others who differ from us, encourage free thought and expression. Our vows should be written in the blood of those men who served on that day, 68 years ago.


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