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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's day musings

Dad's art surrounded us, including our beds
I can't remember my Dad not painting or drawing, but time has erased most specific memories, and I'm thankful for black and white photos from the old family albums. As I get older I'm more thankful for them, and also realize that Father's day is also about your siblings. My brother Jerry and I are six years apart, and we've grown closer as the years go by, in spite of geographic distance. Our parents are long gone, but we have Dad, and Mom, together. I think there needs to be a Brother's Day.
I've misplaced a couple of photos that are important to me...my Dad looking through the hospital window at me, and one of Jerry and I doing dishes. I don't know that Dad was a very good Dad, when it comes down to it, though we were well provided fort...he was very selfish, temperamental, a consumed artist. There were no excuses. People would just say, "Oh, he's an artist." Now as a father, I hope I've been a better father, and I've tried to be, and will be more remembered fondly by my children. I do know that genes run deep, and I've helped impart the same spirit of independence and backbone I earned from Dad, and Mom. The main lesson I would pass on to fathers is, "You have no more important job than being a father."
A rare photo of my Mother and her Dad

When the world was young, in Dallas

Favorite pix of two brothers

At the cabin in the Manzanos

We had fun

Art was part of our lives


Clarks--Erle Thweatt, Terrence Miller, Terry Michael

Dad, Jerry and I at his college graduation at LCC
Coming full circle, Dad and Vance Conrad Clark, at Whitesboro, Tex., a long time ago.

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