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Monday, June 18, 2012

Unreadability blogging book rant

Horrible typography. You can't read this at full size

  • If you saw a book with tiny white sans serif type in reverse on bright green and red and blue, you'd assume the authors and printers knew nothing about readability, right? Right. And if it were a how-to book, you'd question their expertise any anything else--if they don't understand basic readability. Right? Right! 
  • Coming soon on blog, I'll be switching to Wordpress, 'cause Blogspot on Goodle is static and monopolistic. So today I bought two books. One was "Wordpress for Dummies." A good book. But, then there was this flashy one on the newsstand. 
  • ...If you're considering blogging, don't buy "The Bloggers Book" with a CD in it. Published by the English. Ok...but these fools may know the Internet--which I now question, but they know nothing about typography---yep, 8 point sans serif white on weak green or bright red or yucky orange, etc. Other text is hard to read 8 or 9 point sans serif. Organization is awful, hard to follow.
  • Finally, I've blown $29.99 on this, already found errors in graphics, etc. And being English they spell emphasize "emphasise." Makes me glad we won the Revolution. Now if we can teach them readability. Oh, yes, I intend to email them this, but you could too. But the 5 point type is probably hiding their email...can't find it.
  • You gonna hear from me. At least what I spent is tax deductible. www.imaginesubs.co.uk/icr
  • And if you click on that link to subscribe, you have to have a pass code to get in, which you get in finally big sans serif type on the back page of their lousy book

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