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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Screened-in porch thoughts

Montford Inn, Norman, across from the screened-in porch.
How long since you've sat on a screened-in porch, gently rocking in a porch swing?
Susan on her birthday
Listening to mockingbirds and thrushes, hearing the wind in the willows and other trees?
Sipped iced tea in a mason jar, with fresh-picked mint, cold to the touch and tongue?
Watched the clouds drift across the sky and the first stars come out?
Heard the lonesome moan of a locomotive whistle not too far away?
Enjoyed the air-conditioned-free breeze rustling the bushes and caressing your face?
Lounged in a robe, remembering a dramatic dinner, and savored good red wine?
Wondered at the fire flies drifting by, and remembered catching them as a kid?
Felt time slow down. and memories flood your senses?

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